Success stories

“It is a privilege to work with people from all over the world.
Let me share some testimonials with you!”


Kate Butterfield

Athlete & founder of Run Brave


With passion you could bottle and sell…

There’s no denying that certain things and people come into your life for the right reason at the right time. Intrigued and inspired by Sarah’s life and journey as an endurance athlete, I requested Sarah’s guidance as a life mentor. There’s something very deep and wonderful about this woman who not only has the drive to live the best life she knows, but also the drive to ignite the spark in others to live their best life. Sarah, with passion that you could bottle and sell, took me under her wing from the opposite side of the world and led me through sessions of self discovery. To me, it always feels like Sarah puts me before anyone or anything else. Sarah not only helped me declutter my life, she helped me rediscover what’s important and what’s good for the soul. A gifted coach and now a wonderful friend, this Woman is an Angel on Earth.

Itziar Badía

International Marketing & Fundraising Manager WWF

Madrid – SPAIN

Sarah is one of those privileged persons who has the ability to “see through” you

But not only through. Also behind, around, forward and backward. Which means that whenever you come up with a problem or conflict, she has a much broader perspective from your own situation than yourself. She conveys this 360º insights in a way that gives you a sense of security, wisdom and clear thought. But on top of that, and most important, with a real and deep sense of love. Love for you, love for herself, love for life, love for the daily challenge of achieving your best version and enjoying the process. Knowing she´s around, I feel capable of doing my own life “ultra”.

Noel Mulkey


Oklahoma – USA

Sarah asks the right questions

I’ve worked with Sarah Eriksson for a little over two years now. In that time, she has helped me in more ways than I think she even realizes. As someone who is new to becoming an endurance athlete, or an athlete in general – my biggest obstacles in this sport have never been physical, but all mental. If I have an engine that can do anything, but a driver that won’t, it is useless. That’s where Sarah has come in. Sarah asks the right questions. She says the right things, at the right time and can pull someone out of a slump with two sentences or less so to speak. Transitioning to endurance racing while trying to run a business from home is incredibly stressful, and you always feel like you can do more, or SHOULD be doing more. For me, among many other things, Sarah has kind of wrangled that in, and showed me a path that takes it one step at a time.  Not only an amazing mentor, coach, and someone who I am still learning from everyday, Sarah is caring, and puts so much heart into everything she does. You are not just a ‘client’ to her, but someone she’s passionate in helping, and truly cares about your success.

Sofia Odéen

Project Manager Property Department Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi – UAE

…her contagious ‘can do’ attitude, and the radiation of her vibe & spirit that makes the “get going” feel much more simple.

Both physically, mentally and emotionally, Sarah is that fresh bit of air you need when your motivation is starting to turn downhill. She has had big falls in her life, but it’s how she picked herself up that is inspirational to me, her contagious ‘can do’ attitude, and the radiation of her vibe & spirit that makes the ‘get going’ feel much more simple.Sarah can say so small things that makes so much difference, she has given me great perspective on matters you didn’t even think had an angle.

Luke de Gannes

Distance runner, Business owner / investor


Rarely do you meet someone with such a positive attitude that motivates and fosters development.

Engaging with Sarah, you get the distinct feeling she clearly understands your needs. Her unique approach to coaching is candid, personal, and guides towards creating a simplified path of action, measurement and achievement. Rarely do you meet someone with such a positive attitude that motivates and fosters development. Sarah’s wealth of experience, training and knowledge are what sets her apart. You benefit from her diverse background as an engineer, entrepreneur, business owner, mother, wife, ultra runner, philanthropist, and much more. Each experience brings a refreshing richness to her coaching. She knows the struggles, the distractions, the demands of time and family and the uneasiness of transitions. It’s not theory with her. Along your journey towards self-fulfilment she will share her learned tips and experiences. It’s your journey but you can count on Sarah to be there for you every step along the way.

Vicky Kalofolias

Illustrator and founder of VK Illustrations


I have been privileged to have known Sarah for several years now. Sarah came into my world at a time when i needed a reminder that its ok if life sometimes doesn’t go according to your plan.

Her daily instagram posts for me were a gentle reminder of how to tackle challenges in life and stay humble. How to appreciate everything in life, even the very challenging challenge and stay positive. Her running and endurance training was also spellbinding.
To say I got addicted to these inspirational daily posts is an understatement.
I also had the privilege of having Sarah as a life coach and mentor. Sarah took me through a series of sessions that were tailored to my needs. Her subtle, realistic approach and targeted sessions guided me to rediscover what’s important in my life. Along the way she sent me messages of support and encouragement. I always felt she was with me throughout the journey. She helped me reach a level of self empowerment.
Sarah is a beautiful soul and a remarkably gifted woman. Her enthusiasm and optimistic approach to life are refreshing. I am so grateful to have met her. She has left an impression in my life and I am all the more better for it.


Life & journey coach