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We are here to inspire you to create your own race, no matter current circumstances. Instead of paying a race fee, choose a charity you would like to donate to.


simplify race

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Better Together


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simplify race

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How to make it happen

It’s up to you to create your race. 

    • When #MySimplifyRace

      Decide when you want to do your simplify race. Join us August 18th for a global race date or pick another date so it suits your agenda?

    • What kind of race?

      First of all decide how and where you’re going to swim bike run. Then decide whether you’re flying solo or joining a squad. 

    • Register

      In a squad or on your own? 

    • Giving

      Choose your charity. 

    • Training Plan

      If you need help with a training plan or wondering about mindset tools and motivation, check out this link. Remember, training for a race – the actual running is the easy part.

    • Bib

      Download your bib or badge here. 

    • Raceday

      Execute YOUR race. Be fierce and have fun! Celebrate you came this far.

    • Results

      Let us know how it goes, share on social media with hashtag #mysimplifyrace (so we can find you).


WHAT is simplify?

Race where you are, use what you have and do what you can. 

Dreaming of marathons, ironmans, ultras, or other endurance challenges, but don’t seem to find an official race that suits current situation or ticks all the boxes?

Finding it hard to be able to commit 100% to an official race?

simplify is here to inspire you to make your endurance goals happen by creating YOUR race for a good cause.

2018 we want to focus on swim bike run (ironman distance). We would like you to be part of it too – on your terms, no matter where you are.

WHY simplify?

We beleive in doing the possible, not always the optimal.

Endurance challenges are a constant negotiation between ego, support and reality. You can’t seem to find a venue that matches your current circumstances so you create your own race on your turf – simplify. This is the perfect platform if you for example have ironman thoughts, but you’re not ready or not able to commit to an official IM race. Yet!

Sometimes life – due to time, money and circumstances – doesn’t permit us to participate in the challenges we would prefer, but we still feel a strong desire to make it happen.

HOW simplify?

Race where you are, use what you have and do what you can.

Create your race

Anything is possible, you just need to create your possible then make it happen. Set a date, decide your race route and start training for it. Swim your length, bike your distance and run your miles.


simplify squad

You can choose to do all three disciplines on your own or join a simplify squad, with as many participants as necessary. The goal is to complete a full swim bike run. Swim in Australia, bike in Rome and run in DC.  Or do all three in Sweden! If you’re looking for people to join your squad let us know, we can help you connect.



August 2018 we are focusing on swim bike run – full ironman distance – and we would like you to join us. There are two different ways to do this:

  1. Come to Lake Örlen in Sweden August 18 and join in #mysimplifyrace (this is not an organised event, this is pure inspiration, participate at your own risk.)
  2. Create your #mysimplifyrace where you are August 18 and we do it together… but apart. Either you do a full IM distance on your own or together with a squad. We can help you connect and create a simplify squad.


GIVING through simplify?

We believe giving is a way of finding purpose and meaning. 

Anytime and anywhere

You think this sounds like a great idea but have other plans (what!?!) for August 18? We inspire and encourage you to create your #mysimplifyrace anytime anywhere. We will support you as much as we can by sharing our experiences – the good and the bad. But also help you connect with other squad members.



We believe in simplifying! We believe you’re in it for the journey, the giving and the community. Not the chute, not the crowd and not the medal. By being part of simplify – on your own or in a squad we are on a journey of making our dreams come true and together creating our own races for a cause – using what we have, doing what we can, being where we are.




But there is more to it, right? Yes! Instead of paying an official race fee we encourage you to pick a charity you’d like to contribute to. If you don’t have a preference, we have several suggestions. We believe giving is a way of finding purpose and meaning in all endurance challenges.

GOAL simplify?

The goal is to create as many #mysimplifyrace ‘s globally as possible.

We believe simplify is a way of reaching goals and feeling purpose, meaning and feeling at peace with decisions.


Long Term

simplify will inspire to create as many #mysimplifyraces as possible globally, and for each race a fund is given to optional charity.


Short Term

simplify 18 th August 2018 – as many swim bike runs globally as possible (ironman distance).

Our Beliefs

    • Make endurance goals come true

      We believe you should be able to make your endurance goals come true – and it doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or inconvenient. (This does not mean you’ll never race officially.)

    • Purpose and Meaning

      We believe in goals, giving and sharing, because being part of a bigger picture adds purpose and meaning to any endurance journey.

    • Success in commitment to the journey

      We believe success in any endurance journey is about 100% commitment, mostly to the journey. Race day is a celebration!


Sarah Eriksson

Motivation Inspiration