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Coaching About

How you live your everyday is how you live your life.

Imagine yourself; being content, feeling active and managing obstacles thrown your way. Your mojo is ignited, you feel alive and you’re able to feel joy – even in the grey showers. Everything you do is fuelled by passion and with the confidence you can do it. You embark on the journeys you want and the challenges you choose. Physical and mindful are your powerful tools, positive mindset your vehicle. This new everyday is a long lasting and a sustainable way of living.


Making it possible

My coaching program is designed to ignite your transformation in a life changing process and help you gain courage to embark on any journey or challenge. The core is based on creating an “everyday” that feels alive, meaningful and purposeful. Together, we will explore your inner resources, capabilities and development opportunities.  Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable way of keeping physically fit, mentally active and full of positive energy that fuels action in line with your vision of life.


Making it happen.

Our work is not just one hour or one session.

“Whatever coaching experience we create I am giving you the chance to build your dream, invest in yourself and creating something beyond our session.”


Believing in you
  • 1) You used to be active and want to get back to that great feeling. It is possible!
  • 2) You feel lost, can’t vision dreams or set goals. This makes you frustrated and possibly miserable, not quite knowing why or how to break that destructive cycle. Those cycles can be broken!
  • 3) You are the inspirer and motivator but have lost your own inspiration and motivation. This is common when in a position of leading, it happens to all of us!
  • 4) You know that endurance, resilience and perseverance will take you to places you want to go, but don’t know how to build that mental strength. You can improve them all!
  • 5) You love that feeling of being fit, sharp in mind yet humble inside. You want to feel good about yourself again. This is key in life!
  • 6) You take on challenges but seem to sabotage yourself the closer you get to reaching your goals. Improve endurance and do for the right reasons!

What you will learn and achieve

Improving your life
  • Simplify your get going. Simplify your life. Simplify.
  • Define your goals. Write your headlines and make them happen.
  • Find the oomph and mojo of life. Feel alive!
  • Love what you do, how you do it and who you are while doing it.
  • Identify and ignite your inner potential. Build self-confidence and self esteem.
  • Gain courage to meet challenges face on and conquer.
  • Learn secrets of endurance and resilience and how to improve it.
  • Turn struggle and pushing upstream into content and purpose.
  • Learn to see and navigate in the possibilities – in every single situation.
  • Appreciate the power of mindful and fill the voids.
  • Ignite the getting back to being active and make it long lasting.
  • Collect moments not things and create the everyday you want to live.

How do we work

Connecting the dots

In any process the key is to acknowledge and recognize, become aware and accept. From there one can take action. This is where we connect the dots.

We will have coaching conversations. These are online, audio or in real life. Depending on your choice of package we will focus on different things. All programs start with an Assessment Session and together we create a Coaching Plan. Our sessions will be about working towards that plan with useful resources and tools.

We will jointly do follow-ups on goals, achievements, milestones and make the right turns when we come across new obstacles or questions. The plan is not fixed or rigid, it is flexible and adapts to the outcomes we see unfolding during the coaching process.

I am here to support, guide and coach. By asking the right questions we will create solutions together. Power is in the relationship, not in me as your coach. Whatever coaching experience we create I’m giving you the chance to build your dream, invest in yourself and create something useful beyond our sessions.

Awareness and knowledge are steps to change and transformation. I take you through that transformation, not because I am an expert but because I have been through it too. I’m looking forward to being part of yours.

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Whatever coaching experience we create I am giving you the chance to build your dream, invest in yourself and creating something beyond our session.