How loss can give todays high notes

Sudden losses are devastating and very uneasy. The uncertainty, the unknown. You are never prepared. Is it even possible to prepare yourself? Maybe you know it CAN happen, but you never imagine [...]

Road To An Ultra Track

Oh this track making has been a monster. As in, I know my way and I know my routes but put it all together and make it into one digital document. Procrastination up until the last week! Now its [...]

Ultratraining – Recap

Road to An Ultra – Ultra training – Recap In two weeks its time to run 100k in Lanzarote, solo and for a cause. Lets look back and see the progress, starting in wintery landscapes [...]

LTHR test round 2

Lactic Threshold Heart Rate Test LTHR  field test – how far can you run in 30 minutes? This was on today’s schedule from coach Sarah Seads. This is not as accurate as a blood test but [...]

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