About Sarah

“How you live your everyday is how you live your life.”


Getting it done

Coach Sarah Eriksson

I’m Sarah Eriksson and I believe how you live your everyday is how you live your life. Besides coaching, I am an endurance athlete with my heart in trail running. I am a mother and wife, currently living in Sweden but have lived many of my adult years abroad. I was born in South Africa.

I have an engineering degree, built and run my own businesses and have coached teams. As a mom of two, endurance athlete and business owner I know it’s all about making it happen in your everyday.

“Whatever coaching experience we create I am giving you the chance to build your dream, invest in yourself and creating something beyond our session.”

Keep moving forward

Let me share my energy
with you

I write headlines and go for them. I am resilient, determined, and have learned how to adapt. I have encountered major challenges in life – loss, health and endurance – and managed every curveball thrown my way. I believe in dancing with the moves and rolling with the punches – but still keep moving forward! I turn obstacles into opportunities. My energy ignites, motivates and inspires, this is my biggest asset.

I believe it’s about the journey, not the destination and you are up to you. I believe in knowing what your drive is and feeding that. Creating your own contentment and it’s about the moments, not things. I believe in passion and navigating through the highs and lows, managing obstacles. I believe it’s about deep relationships and the most important one is with ourselves. I believe in not getting intimidated about fears and living life with a positive mindset. I believe in you.

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Summing it up

Let’s connect!

What I love about coaching is the energy and transformation it creates. It is beyond rewarding and a privilege to be part of that transformation, your transformation. I believe it’s possible to live an everyday how you envision your life. The good news is it’s all up to you. What an opportunity! Let’s make it happen. If you feel this is something you would like to make happen please don’t hesitate to book your first coaching session. Let’s get things going.

Big hug!


Life & Journey Coach