Sarah Eriksson

“How you live your everyday is how you live your life.”

I am passionate about human development, mental processes and behavioural science. Well-being in goals and motivation in performance.

With an international experience, BASc Engineering degree in my 20s and embarking a BASc Cognitive Neuroscience and Applied Positive Psychology degree in my 40s, along with studies in sports psychology, talent development and motivational climate I know that whatever journey you embark on or success you are seeking, it’s all about making it happen in your everyday.

Ignite your spark and gain courage to embark and navigate through any journey or challenge. Physical and mindful are your powerful tools, positive mindset is your vehicle.


Let me share my energy with you

I write headlines and go for them. I am resilient, determined, and have learned how to adapt. I have encountered major challenges in life – loss, health and endurance – and managed every curveball thrown my way. I believe in dancing with the moves and rolling with the punches – but still keep moving forward! I turn obstacles into opportunities. My energy and knowledge ignites, motivates and inspires, this is my biggest asset.

I believe it’s about the journey, not the destination and you are up to you. I believe in knowing what your drive is and feeding that. Creating your own contentment and it’s about the moments, not things. I believe in passion and navigating through the highs and lows, managing obstacles. I believe it’s about deep relationships and the most important one is with ourselves. I believe in not getting intimidated about fears and living life with a positive mindset.

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Cognitive Neuroscience and Applied Positive Psychology