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Oh this track making has been a monster. As in, I know my way and I know my routes but put it all together and make it into one digital document. Procrastination up until the last week! Now its done. It feels good and emotional. I look at the track, go through it mentally again and again. And I cry! Emotional. Excited. Nervous. Can’t wait. Make it between sunrise and sunset (7:23am-8:35pm). Be safe. Enjoy the run.

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Depending on where I upload the .gpx and .kml file I get different numbers on elevation, km’s and way points. From experience and other Lanzarote trailrunners its approx +2500m/8202ft and not what Suunto is givning me: 3800m/12 468ft This is more than enough considering my comfortzone – as in what I’ve trained for is approx 1500m/5000ft.

What is for certain is that the initial climb is approx 600m/2000ft over 7k/4.3 miles

So, this is my route. And my hope is it all adds up to minimum 100k when I stop that watch. Wing it, Sarah!


WIKILOC: Road To An Ultra

Road To An Ultra Sarah Eriksson Wikiloc

Road To An Ultra Sarah Eriksson

Trackprofiler RoadToAnUltra Profile

0km Orzola – START

7km Mirador del Rio (600m/2000ft climb)

12km Guinate Tropical Park

25km Ermita Nieves

31km Famara Bungalows Top – Pit stop

44km La Santa

49km Volcan El Picacho – Pit Stop

56km Tinajo – Supermarcado

63km Road To An Ultra – (Red Road Tinguaton)

69km Volcan de Cuervo – Pit Stop

79km Uga

83km Camino los Camellos

88km Femes Church – Pit Stop

94km Femes Goat Loop

97km Casitas

102km Zig Zag

103km Playa Quemada

106km Hesperia – FINISH

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