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Road to An Ultra – Ultra training – Recap

In two weeks its time to run 100k in Lanzarote, solo and for a cause. Lets look back and see the progress, starting in wintery landscapes with a longrun of 16k to ending… Lanzarote and ready for 100k. Thanks coach Sarah Seads for guiding, Inov8 Sweden for shoes and Powerwoman for training clothes. If youre curious how it all started. Read here: Road To An Ultra

1 Relief

“Going into this Ultra with a good fitness base. It helps! At Peace with Ultra decisions.
Added up to 45km/28mi total with a total elevation of +311m/1020ft -443m/1453ft.”
Raceday the elevation will be times nine (!) and more than double distance – in one go. Week 1

2 Peace

“11 months with no coach, no training program and maintaining fitness level. Boom, into structure and planned workouts. By someone else. Luxury! 16k long run was one of my better ones in a long time. Grateful for all those crappy runs in the past. They gave me today’s high.”
If I knew then what I know now. Lucky I didn’t. Week 2
Recap Road To an Ultra Ultra training

3 Patience

“Early nights, more yoga and understanding how far 100k is! Average heartbeats of 152 bpm.”
This has changed the deeper into ultra training I have come. It is a very interesting part of this ultra training in general, lower heartbeats AND maintaining speed! Week 3
Recap Road To An Ultra Ultra training

4 Mindshift

“Starting to enjoy the slower runs, appreciating the “building an aerobic base” and grateful I have a body that works! Mind is shifting into the back-to-back runs. A different mentality and slowly adapting. No one told me about the difference of one longrun or one longrun divided into two… ! Should I tell you the secret… Patience and planning.”
Already here started noticing a small diff in heartbeats. Week 4
Road To An Ultra Recap Ultra Training

5 Autopilote

“Less of mindful running and more of discipline ticking off the sessions. Feeling fitter & stronger. My husband gave me a trail run for my birthday. Joined too! The kind of gift I really appreciate. New place, super technical and fun elevation. When brain works together with body. That’s when running totally does it for me.”
Probably one of the strongest weeks I ever felt. Could’ve been birthday celebrations but also so aware that health is nothing to take for granted. Early in this Ultra Training I had a big health scare but am now out in the blue. Thank goodness. Week 5
Road To An ultra sarah eriksson

6 Elevation

+1183m/3881ft -1135m/3723ft Finally some elevation!  (last week +728m/2388ft -766m/2513ft)
“Spring is definitely here, with it came plenty of rain, grey days some minus degrees (!) and then that stunning blue sky. Why is it so difficult to get out in miserable weather? Because it doesn’t have to be that way (I have been spoiled with warm island living the last 13 years).”
Running and an ultra training programme has gotten me through the seasons, that I don’t find charming. Week 6

7 Peak

“Average of 146 bpm, last week 151bpm. Cant believe it! Lowest average heartbeats (and faster longruns in Z2) since start… Am  I slowly transforming to ultra? Peak week – first 3 steps back and then jumping 5 forward.”
This about 3 steps back and then a leap of 5 forward. THAT is what training programs and progress is all about. Week 7 

8 Halfmarathon

“Throwing in a 21.1k road race was a shock to the system. Notes to my coach:
“I’ve heard road running is different to mountain running. Have had months of flat terrain here but STILL I had no idea how different it REALLY is. It’s like one long speed interval. No time for recovery.
Trails or mountains, a hill – you go up it but then it is often followed by some sort of down which gives you opportunity to recover. This used to be my trick! Could not do that in this race. Just hooooooold those beats….. Ugh!”
This was a good ego check and again reminded, never ever compare road and trailrunning. And the diff between ultra vs shorter distances. They are not necessarily easier. Still not happy with my time: 1:37:30h, honestly I thought I was faster. Week 8

9 Disconnect

“Content with getting in 69k in 4 days of training! A gap of disconnection. Life is more than running. My hardest (mentally) and longest consecutive runs in my running history. This ultra training has 5 days a week of running. This week I did 4 and enjoyed the 3 days of not breathing or thinking running. Dare to disconnect. It will only reinforce and make your connection stronger when you get back.”
I take rest and recover seriously, been an injury free runner and I am proof that 4/5 days training is enough to reach goals. Train smart. Week 9

10 Emotional

“If marathon training was an emotional journey… This is starting to feel overwhelming. Warning bells of edge to over trained. 87k/54mi in total is more than 2 marathons. I am proud over my efforts this week.”
And the emotional part would get worse… Haha! And I love it. Makes me feel alive. Was waiting for the word emotional to arrive. Week 10

11 Sail Away

“I am a passionate runner. I am a dedicated runner. I am a motivated runner. I am a consistent runner. I am a resilient runner. I think the key to this is letting go and admitting its not always balloons and high fives. Sometimes I encounter non satisfaction, ugh, demotivation, boring and any other negative word you can imagine. But here’s my key. I don’t let those feelings intimidate or take over. They come and they go. Its part of the journey. We all feel this way sometimes.”
We went on a boat adventure along Göta Kanal with the boys and it was nice, gave me distance and reminded me of who I am. What type of runner Sarah is. Week 11

12 Motivation

“+1404m +4606ft/-1311m -4301ft , 153 bpm average and 39k/24mi and 20k/12.5mi back to back runs. I was nervous about this weeks longrun and b2b run. To make them happen, to get through them and to not lose the joy. Especially the last part. It turns out this has been one of the best overall b2b runs so far. Cadence, times, elevation and heartbeats. Performance wise – physically and mentally. I have made progress. So proud of myself.”
A lot of thought (and those thoughts have continued) about motivation. How we are motivated in different ways and for different reasons. This is when I decided to not only raise awareness but also raise funds for endometriosis. Week 12

13 Endurance

“Training and sharing this journey is challenging. The only way to get through? Endurance. Grit. Love.”
So with 10 weeks left, I kind of regretted that I had started these ultra training week updates… But I’ve kept at it. The time and effort will pay off – further down the line. No way I’d give up at week 13, but also aware knowing when is the time to change direction. Ultra training has taught me a lot, in all walks of life. Week 13

14 Transformation

“This was supposed to be an easy week, which distance wise it was. But mentally every week of ultra training is “hard”. Maybe because you know that when this is done the only thing left to do is run 100km. And its all up to you. The before, the during and the after. That’s pretty overwhelming. This is the first week I feel an “ultra transformation.” Body, mind – all of it. And this feels big.”
This was the week I realized the diff in ultra training vs marathon training. I visited family and ran with my brother and his buddies. That was part of the “aha” in the transformation. Week 14

15 Adapt

“148 bpm average where the back to back runs were 148 & 149 bpm. 92km/57mi
Going into an ultra training program is a huge commitment. If you’re not good at adapting before you go into an ultra training program, you will most definitely be better at mastering the adaption dance at around week 15. Because that’s what it is about – dancing with the moves and rolling with the punches. The only thing that is clear is your goal. How to get there – well, you can have your plan and idea. And then there is something called life. But why adapt? Well, chances are half of your workouts will be tossed out the window or not happen if you’re not able to apply adaption.”
Master at adapting and yet getting it all done, THAT is one of benfits in this ultra training. Week 15

16 Overwhelming

“For the first time on this journey I feel doubt and anxiety over running 100km solo! A shuffle in my weeks and we are getting close to peak week!”
It took 16 weeks to feel doubt. It had to come. It did not intimidate, but the emotions were there. Week 16

17 Grind

“Grit! Especially when summer is here and kids out of school. Back in the YOGA routine. Mind is preparing for peak week. I have been crying! Its part of the process and feels good. Support from your partner is key. Documenting this journey is a way of seeing progress. Being in the midst of things its sometimes hard to grasp it all. There is progress. Every week. Just keep grinding.”
Just keep grinding. From day one until the last day. Week 17
Yoga Ultra Runner

18 Peak

“Peak Week went way better than I thought. 45k race then 35k back to back run. Felt stronger on that b2b run!!! Amazing how the body adapts. SO happy and proud where I am in this training.”
And all of a sudden it was peak week. What I didn’t know was that Peak was hard but I was so prepared. The shock came following week. Week 18
Sarah Eriksson

19 Hangover

“Peak week went so much better than I thought. What took me by surprise (and yet not, recognize from racing days) this week was – “The hangover” feeling. Hungover is the best word I can describe it with. However, I still felt strong on my runs. Could walk, talk and move. Even dance. I knew every weird emotion, feeling or thought was only because of ultra training. And it did not intimidate me. And this week we travel to Lanzarote.”
I still didn’t have my track clear. Wanted to arrive in Lanzarote and then finalize track. Week 19
sarah eriksson

20 Lanzarote

“Lanzarote, I simply love this place. It feels like coming home. The trails, the climate, the views and …. Everything. There is a reason we chose to live here for so long and we still have connection. Our kids are born here. I am convinced I have chosen the right place to run my 100k. When I was in ultra thoughts my mind kept coming back to ocean trails and I’m glad I listened to those thoughts.”
The 3 challenges shifting playgorunds – heat, elevation and wind. Being on my own with the kids, making holiday AND ultra training. That was… interesting! Week 20
Lanzarote Sarah Trail running

21 Procrastination

+1578m +5177ft/-1534m -5032ft , 66k/41mi
“If last week was cement, this week I feel like a new person. Adapting well to heat and elevation. Nutrition and sleep – much better. Hooray! Tapering beginning and that track procrastination coming to an end.”
This whole track business is one of my monsters. Maybe the moment I wish a race organisation did it for me. But with help from a good trail friend, its made and now needs slight adjustments. Week 21

Lanzarote Trailrunning

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