ENDURANCE – 6 ways to build endurance

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Endurance, needed on every single journey in life. Not just when racing. We talk about endurance athletes. But how about the rest?

ENDURANCE – “The power to withstand pain or hardships; the ability or strength to continue despite fatigue, stress or other adverse conditions.”

I consider myself an endurance athlete. I think of ultras and ironmans. Well, that’s where my mind is at the moment; regarding sports. But how about the ROAD TO those endurance goals? How about life in general? Your everyday. Your dreams. Your happiness. Which I prefer to call contentment, inner peace. To arrive at these places we need to build endurance. Something I definitely am experiencing in this ROAD TO AN ULTRA.


Road To An Ultra Endurance Sarah Eriksson

By enduring this moment it gave me podium in the Transgrancanaria marathon distance in 2015.

How do we endure? Is it something we can practice. Can we get better? Yes and yes. I have two boys age 6 and 7. If there is one thing I notice with them and their buddies, its lack of endurance. How are these boys and girls going to manage what life will throw at them. I know sooner or later and preferably never life WILL throw them challenges, where the only way through will be by enduring. 13 weeks into my 24 week ultra training program I have arrived at the word endurance. I find this helps me to endure on and off the trails:

6 things that help to build endurance

1. Determination

Determination is interesting. I believe it is easier to be determined if its something you really want, something you feel passionate about and sticking to your gameplan.

2. Sisu

Sisu is a finnish word that sums up stoic determination, bravery, guts, resilience, perseverance and hardiness – all in one word. It takes sisu to overcome fears. Guts! You have to trust floating in the unknown, not knowing and believe that anything and everything thrown your way – you will manage and be capable of.

3. Grit

Ugh! Yes, thats grit. Pushing through. Although its boring. Grit trumphs talent, they say. There is a lot fo truth in that.

4. Responsibility

You are responsible. Its as easy and complicated as that. For your choices, the work you put in, the work you don’t put in! For for your endurance.

5. Positivity

Always look for that silver lining. It doesn’t mean you need to be naive or not face reality. But I do believe there is always, always something to be grateful for and there is always blue sky – somewhere. If just an inch, its there. Positive is a powerful and is a big part in the role of endurance.

6. Practice

You can practice endurance EVERYWHERE. With people, with tasks, with things. I try to think – just a little bit more. One more time. Pace yourself & patience – without losing oopmh. Push through, push a little bit beyond your limit. Without overdoing. Endurance comes gradually. This is the key.

Whatever your journey. Commitment is your vehicle but endurance IS your fuel. Keep fueling. I know this all sounds cliché and in many ways nothing new under the sun. But if you don’t endure, how will you manage the moment and give yourself the chance to be exactly where you want to be. Endurance is not all about struggle and pain. It’s about hanging in there knowing it will get better, easier and most often with a reward – the feeling of “you are capable”. There is a lot of contentment in that.


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Road To An Ultra Sarah Eriksson