LTHR test round 2

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Lactic Threshold Heart Rate Test

LTHR  field test – how far can you run in 30 minutes? This was on today’s schedule from coach Sarah Seads. This is not as accurate as a blood test but it sure is an indicator of your fitness level. On that specific day! Sleep, nutrition, hormones, stress – it all affects your current fitness level.

LTHR test – how far can you run in 30 min and why?

Last time I did this time trial was in my ultra training week 4. I didn’t feel ready (are you ever), had an awkward run and did not feel connected between mind and body. Then it was a cool day, I weighed a bit more and my weekly distances were a total of about 45-50km. Today I am in the beginning of my ultra training in week 13. The total training programme is 24 week.


I am not a number freak or gadget runner. I run with a lot of feeling and if I go with numbers its within a span of heart beats. I am competitive. I always give my best shot. I set my goal. Further, faster and stronger. Felt good overall. And I expected to beat last Time Trial. That’s how connected, focused and good I felt.

It went utterly the other way. Despite feeling stronger and faster, about 20 min into the running I lost all my technique. In my early days of running my husband used to lovingly say I looked like a stiff smurf when running. Minus the blue. I used to go all red. He was with me today. Encouraged me, pushed me and said I was looking strong. Come on, you can do this. Well, I didn’t.

I know. This was a LTHR – field test. Not a competition. But this far into my ultra program it was nice to do a test. Is my fitness level soaring. Well not at sprint distance, that we can agree on. Same run, same place, different day.

Early on in my running days I was aware of not comparing distances. Its different mental mindset, the way you use your body and the way you push. The only thing in common is you RUN. 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k and soon I will be experiencing 100k. Todays 30 min as fast as you can was tougher than the weekends 39k forest trails with a 20k the day after.


So, how did it go? Well. In 30 min I ran 6.66km with an average pace of 4:31min/km last time I ran 6.79km with an average pace of 4:25min/km

My personal conclusion and thoughts

LTHR test recovery

-I was overconfident about my performance
-It felt better overall but did not show on numbers. Last time it felt worse and numbers were better.
-I felt in total control during the whole 30 min. I was not in control of breathing last time.
-I could not have pushed harder, maybe gone out a bit slower. The constant pacing yourself thing!! Argh!
-I followed heart beats and feeling. I always do that. Besides when racing for podium.
-Legs felt fine after previous weeks 87km! This was the confidence booster in the run – legs.
-On the last LTHR test I was doing about 45-50km a week. That’s a huge diff to 87km in training amount.
-Today I could have continued with a slow marathon. And walked next day. Last time a marathon and basta.
-Overconfident – thats how I went into this run. Running needs confident but humble. Always learning.
-Running is not an easy thing. To improve takes effort.
-Don’t compare apples to pears. I am training for 100km not sprints.
-I am not disappointed with the result. Hungry to improve, but even more hungry to improve running technique. That is where I am lacking. I think. I see it on the video. That smurf needs to be gone during the whole 30 min.
-On the other hand. I believe in running free and not getting sucked up or obsessed in technique or numbers.
-I am not a gazelle runner but a strong trail runner that is very good in technical downhills.
I have a “heavy look” in my step when running the second half.
-I am content because this run made me sharpen my act.
-I am a good enough runner exactly where I am. Grateful!

Today’s time trial jolted my sprint confidence but also drives me to carry on working for that 100km. My threshold seems to be between 174-176 bpm depending on day and shape. Same as when trailrunning in Lanzarote. Onwards! And yes, that cold lake afterwards was the best part.

Big hug!

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