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Among the people you know probably 1 out of 10 suffer, or know of someone who has Endometriosis. I hope its not you and if it is – you’ve got this! Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the lining inside the uterus (called “the endometrium”) is found outside the uterus. Here it induces a chronic inflammatory reaction that may result in scar tissue. It is primarily found on the pelvic peritoneum, on the ovaries, in the recto-vaginal septum, on the bladder, and bowel. This is the medical explanation.

“I would like to be a voice and proof that despite this diagnosis there is hope and happy endings. YOU can create that yourself. If I could, so can you. -Sarah”


I am a woman. I have had babies. I have raced mountain marathons with a migraine. I have been through painful laparoscopy. I have knocked my little toe against the table leg. I have had ingrown toe nails (now that’s really painful). I have had blisters in the most uncomfortable places. I have had a broken heart. But I have never experienced such pain as when I had a pelvic filled with endometrium scar tissue and cysts. How does it feel? Ladies, its worse than all the above mentioned.

“Men, imagine your one ball pulled and twisted around the other ball. Endometriosis is worse.”

My worst moment was when my one ovary pulled over to the other side in my pelvic due to a cyst big like a chicken breast. This was figured out once I did a laparoscopy and explained why I had been told from two diff doctors that the cyst was on my right ovary vs the left one. Travelling cyst. Oh the joys… I didn’t even know what it was, I din’t know there was something called endometriosis. This needs to change!


My endo journey started and was discovered when I went off the pill and was trying to get pregnant in 2006. I probably suffered from it earlier, but didn’t understand that it was endometriosis. I am now 38 years old, currently living in Sweden. My endo experience was when we lived in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. I ended up going through a laparoscopic procedure, where my doctor removed a huge cyst; that had pulled my one ovary over to the other ovary. VERY painful. The doctor I had was a true blessing. He kept my tubes (said they looked like chorizos) and only cut away some of my ovary. He diagnosed me with endo 9. Getting pregnant natural was medically not possible. But…. The human body is amazing and the female body even more so. He told me that.

“It’s a disease that impacts your life but doesn’t have to mean your life is over. It’s actually just the beginning. -Sarah”

3 IVF treatments later…. nothing! The IVF doctors could not understand why my gyn hadn’t taken away both ovaries and tubes, as they were of no use.

“Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life. -Eckhart Tolle”

So. Yoga, lots of it! My husband massaged my feet regularly – zone therapy massage – I cut out gluten and lactose… but most of all I accepted. Acceptance is powerful! And this is the key. Accepting a life without children. Accepting the endo and trying to find a painfree way to live WITH it. And then it happened. I got pregnant. Against all odds. Really against all odds. Naturally! The doctor said if we wanted a second one do it quick. A year later our second son arrived. And a VERY TIRED mother.

“Raising awareness about endometriosis is a way of passing on the miracles I have been blessed with.” 

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Since then I have not had any symptoms. Our children are 6 and 7. I stopped taking the pill 1 year ago. Still no endo. Running and yoga is my medicine. Life is a miracle and our boys are proof. But even more so, the human body is amazing. Awareness, stories of hope and encouragement and living a life with active and outdoors – this I believe is a way to help other females accepting and overcoming the dark and painful side of endometriosis.

“Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.”


Because I’m crazy enough to think I can. Through my whole life I have been told I’m impatient and impulsive. Running 100km you need everything but impatient and impulsive. What if I could turn the power and energy that impatient and impulsive gives me to an asset rather than a not so charming character trait. Why would you run 100km?


“I’m going to succeed because  I am crazy enough to think I can.”


I have run many kilometers (but never 100km) and I know that when you’re out there and especially on your own wondering what was I thinking you need reminders. Something to hang onto, even if it’s a thin thin line. What is your primal power? The one thing you know will get you through when push comes to shove. For me its our children. They remind me about the wonders and miracles of life, that anything is possible.  The love for your children is so overwhelming and so powerful. Writing this makes my cry. That’s how strong I feel about it. It’s good tears! Happy tears. They are miracles. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. If I can raise awareness about endometriosis its a way of passing on the miracles I have been blessed with. If I can be a voice and proof that despite this diagnosis there is hope and happy endings. YOU can create that yourself. If I could, so can you.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.”


As if training and completing 100km isnt a big enough challenge, I have targeted raising 100 000 euros for WERF World Endometriosis Research Foundation. This is a global charity, fostering research in endometriosis to improve knowledge and treatments and working with 62 institutions in 25 countries. It is a high target I have set. Nothing is impossible, if you believe and work in the right way. It will be challenging and take a lot of effort, but I am committed.

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What do you get in return by donating? For now, a big thank. By taking the time to read this you have probably helped one person, without knowing it. Awareness. Thank you. If you feel you would like to make a donation towards the funds that I am raising THANKS! Big, small or tiny its all appreciated! If you feel you are not able to donate or just not interested I appreciate that you have come this far. Thank you. Awareness is a big step in this disease. I am grateful to be able to share my story, that had a happy ending. I do however think its because I took responsibility and charge over my situation, and that is what I would like to pass that on to you. There is hope! Big hug.

I WOULD LIKE TO DONATE: Sarah’s Fundraising for Endo



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