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Dreams are the beginning to most journeys. You set your goal and make a plan. But how do we stick to that game plan? How do we follow through to reach our goals? Because dreaming, setting goals and making plans are the easy part. Action and following through can be the biggest challenge of them all.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Following through and making it happen is not always easy. There is often something called real life, that can come in the way. I know, sometimes its challenging – right!?! As I am embarking on this Road To An Ultra journey I am experiencing these challenges. I am soon half way through my plan to reach this goal – run 100k.

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Early on in this journey I wrote how I was going to stick to my game plan, so far it seems to be working. This is what I wanted to share with you. But before we continue there is one thing you need to remember. Commitment. No dream will happen, no goal can be set and no plan can be worked on without being committed. Once you’ve committed, well then its just about following through 😉

“The distance between dreams and reality is called action.”

So, I have a goal – to run 100km (and next year an Ironman but let’s focus on that ultra for now) – and I have the determination. I feel committed. How am I going to reach my goal?

Road To An Ultra Sarah Eriksson

This is my gameplan:

1. A coach

After committing this is the next important step in my game plan. Have someone guide me in the training so I can relax knowing I’m doing the things I should in the right time and with the right amount. This will give me 70% more energy to put on the actual workouts, goes for physical and mental. Thank you Sarah Seads for coaching me to reach my goal.

2. Adjust the daily grind

Negotiate, mainly with myself… family first, then moms ego. Adjusting and admitting you can do anything, just not everything and definitely not always the preferred ways. Rolling with punches and dancing with moves. Adjusting to the daily grind is about having a plan but leaving room for adjustments and being flexible. Hard but not impossible. Open minded and grateful for every chance I get to be with family, do my runs, get the job done and skipping many things etc. You cant do it all.

3. Prioritize time

Train instead of watching tv etc. Recover instead of…. And so on…. Priorities goes for things, places and people.

4. Stand off some things

You can do anything, not everything. My mantra! I don’t think there is any person that truly does it all. If there is, please shoot me an email and let me in on your secret. Maybe accepting that you have to stand off some things is harder than the actual standing off part.

5. Make choices

You choose, always! Its as simple and complicated as that. Take responsibility for your choices.

6. Stepping off in the right time

Know when it’s time to step off (very very important) This is maybe the most important in my gameplan and it is not the same as giving up. I am so dedicated, committed and all in on this ultra training. But I also know my own limits, what i am willing to offer and how much. Everything comes with a price. Even training for an ultra. Knowing when its time to say – I tried but couldnt do it. Please let it never come to that. But its important to be honest that it always is a chance it can go that way. Goes on race day too. But it has to be life threatening for me not to complete.

7. Work for it

Consistent and resilient. My strongest traits. Feeling passion helps on this one.

8. Believe it’s possible and can be done

I believe. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

9. Surround yourself with the right people and right things.

The further I come into this ultra training the more important this is becoming. Downing my circle(s) and only allowing the good and the flow take up head space, energy and time. Trying to be humble & non judgmental to the rest. Its all about who you have with you on your journey. Make sure everyone is helping you row your boat. Not drilling holes and helping you sink it. Critics and questioning will always occur and it should. Questioning helps define to yourself if you really are heading in the right direction or not. But try to understand whats helping you move forward. Not sinking to the bottom.

Road To An Ultra Sarah Eriksson

Half way through, lets see if I can ride it through and reach that startline. My dream was to run an ultra distance. I did not find a race that matched family, life or possibilities. So I created my own ultra challenge. Dare to o your own path. Thanks for following me on this journey. You are a big part of it!

Big hug!

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