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Challenging yourself is about human potential and the power of the mind. Training for an Ultra – 100km in Lanzarote, on my own and for a cause (to raise awareness for Endometriosis) I knew I needed a coach to help me reach this goal. About my goal: Road To An Ultra About my progress: Ultratraining 

Sarah Eriksson trailrunner Road to an ultra

Sarah Eriksson, Lanzarote Canary Islands


Coach Sarah Seads by Karen McKinnon

Coach Sarah Seads Photo by Karen McKinnon

Coach Sarah Seads is Canadian has a very interesting background and plenty of experience & knowledge. She is not only an endurance athlete herself, but also founder of ELM Health – “Equilibrium Lifestyle Management” a professional health and fitness company based on Vancouver Island, Canada. She has worked as a tree planter and a forest firefighter in the Western Canada area. I mention these two things because this is where she learned about the Power of the Mind.

Learn more: Sarah Seads Her personal blog: Wildseads


Sarah and I go back in my early days on instagram. We connected and we followed. She always added value, a twist or a perspective I’d never thought of. Over time I gained huge respect for her knowledge, her experience and the way she expressed it.


When we meet people, first impressions are very important. But I do believe its by tipping points and triggers that determines whether we let a person into our emotional and intelligence space or not. Mental and physical development is very vulnerable, very personal and who allow into that space is very complex. At least in my case, maybe you feel the same?


My tipping point with Sarah was at my Transgrancanaria Race in 2015. One of my toughest races, where I pushed my body way beyond limits and took a 3rd. When I experienced post race depression (biochemically you empty your brain and body to zero) Sarah wrote me:

“Congratulations, you reached beyond your limits. Not many people ever go there.”

This is when I knew, Sarah understands me and she can push me further. Then I saw a photo of Sarah taken by Karen McKinnon and this was the first time I’d seen her face properly. The picture said it all. I was sold. This girl I trust. So here I am, Sarah Eriksson training for my first ultra coached by Sarah Seads.

Find us on instagram: Sarah Eriksson @simplifythegetgoing Sarah Seads @wildseads


Back in 2011 she was invited to speak at the inaugural  Comox Valley TEDx event. I have watched and listened to this and I want to share this with you, because it really gives you food for thought. Not only in the pursuit of 100k or any other challenge, but also in our lives – careers, personal etc. I have picked parts from that Tedx event that I will take with me on my journey and I hope you find it interesting and of value too. Thank you Sarah for your wisdom, your humility and your powerful inner beauty that is very attractive.

From TEDx Human Potential and the Power of the Mind with Sarah Seads:

“Motivation: Something, as a reason or desire acting as a spur to action.”

It’s in our mind we first decide to begin. It’s in our mind we first decide to quit. Very rarely will our bodies quit before our minds. What motivates and drives some people to motivate and challenge themselves? Motivation is an interesting and complex subject. 

“Motivation: Causing or capable of causing motion.”

Motivation is very dynamic. It comes and it goes. One minute you have it, next minute its gone. You know when you have it, it fills you up with energy and propels you forward. And you know when you’ve lost it…

How can we train the power of the mind? One way is through – Motivation. This motivation tool is within us. If this is within us and this tool is there, how can we access it? I have the answer.

You need to come up with the answer to one simple question. Your WHY?

Look for something deeper, more meaningful. Who are you and whats important to you. What are your values.

You’ll know you have the right answers when it triggers an emotional response. When you feel filled with passion and inspiration. When it lights your fire. When you find that answer you will feel lighter, obstacles will shrink and opportunities will appear in your face and you will feel unstoppable. Its very powerful when you can connect with that.

Because I can.

Look at your body as a gift not as a given. Sarah gained this perspective when working as a firefighter in the Western Canada area. She has also worked as a tree planter and competes in endurance sports.

Become aware of your own mortality.

Becoming aware of your mortality changes the concept of suffering and pain. Pain becomes a gift, not a suffering.


Watch here: TedX Event Power of The Mind with Sarah Seads

I am a big believer of Mind is Queen. Life keeps proving that again and again. Running and challenges help train the mind to push- both physically and mentally. I will continue working on these parts and I hope it will pay off when push comes to shove on August 13th 2016, when I will be running that 100k Ultra. Where will you be pushing yourself beyond your limits? Thank you Sarah Seads for showing the way. Big hug!


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