Introvert or Extrovert Runner

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Introvert or extrovert runner? Maybe a bit of both, ambivert.

I’ve always found this fascinating, especially now when I am training for 100km, solo run. How do we get our energy? Some from being alone (introvert) others from being around people (extrovert). Same goes in running. Think about it.

Where do you gain or lose energy?

The Extrovert

Running with people? Midst busy race buzz? Talking with random runners? Maybe you’re an extrovert.

The Introvert

Running alone or with someone you know really well, no conversation needed? Prepared, sorted and no last minute changes to races or plans? Relax and chill before a race? You’re leaning towards the introvert runner.


No rights & no wrongs. Learning where you gain or waste your energy can help you become a better runner and use that golden energy to run your best you and not get irritated about buzz or flying solo.

Book Tips


A great book on understanding introverts is the breakthrough “Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” by Susan Cain (Re readable book too!


Also Sylvia Loehkens “Quiet Impact: How to be a succesful Introvert” is an eyeopener – not only for the introverts!

Famous Intorverts

And did you know Barack Obama, Christina Aguilera and Albert Einstein… Introverts! But if they are and were runners I’ll leave unsaid.

Famous extroverts

Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher. Also Steve Jobs. They were all extroverts. Interesting!

Any other book tips on this subject? I would love to know. Especially if its connected to running. Would be great knowledge in my “Road to An Ultra” challenge

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Big hug from an introvert runner with a splash of extrovert!

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