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Want to feel like a Queen on the trails? Need a good grip in soft snow or soft trails? This could be the shoe for you. If you are looking for a shoe where looks meet quality, this is it. Salomon SpeedCross Pro.

“Want a strong, solid relationship that is willing to go the distance? Get to know your runningshoes.” -Dean Karnazes

I have worn (and torn) several pairs of Salomon Sense Pro shoes. I loved each pair and used them until I started slipping in the downs. Then I used them just one more time.


That’s how much I loved them. My favorite part about that shoe is one could buy them same day and be confident to race in them knowing although brand new they had the Cinderella fit. This was for races up to 46k. Performance wise they worked, or at least I’m telling myself that as I am writing this blogpost.
I came 2nd in a City Trail Marathon in Barcelona wearing them – straight out of the box. That adventure you can read about here
Back to the SpeedCross Pro.

“My shoes have interesting stories to tell.”

The Speedcross Pro , what I’m using now, have taken some runs to get into. I think ran about 5 hours in total before they felt ok. In other words, this is not the shoe I would unpack fresh from the box (love the new shoe smell!) on race day. Don’t be afraid to go up a size. I ran a muddy long run and came home with blisters between my toes. I don’t know if its this model specifically or Salomon shoes in general but they do feel “tight”. Usually I am a size 38 but in the SpeedCross Pro I need a 38+ and they feel snug, especially around the toes. Could be my wide feet!


“Life is better outdoors. In a pair of running shoes.”

Despite some runs to break in this shoe and going up a size this is a top notch shoe, in many ways. Can’t deny that they look the real deal and this color has been a nice contrast to the dull Swedish winter landscape.

“Made for the pros and loved by a dedicated amateur.”


This shoe is much more durable than it’s siblings and that’s a big deal. Maybe that also explains why it doesn’t have that “light” feeling. So what is a light feeling? It’s when you feel connected to the ground and can put power into motion forward, not lifting your shoe weight. Weighing about 300g/11 oz  it feels a lot lighter when I’m sitting here writing than when I’m on the trails running. I think its the heel construction that fools you. This shoe weighs nothing but can feel a bit clumsy to run in. Maybe that’s why it took a couple of runs to break them in. Still need to figure out that one.


Any pair of Salomon shoes makes you feel like a Trail Queen. That is a fact. No matter what playground – volcanic rock, wet snow or muddy (ish) trails. The only time I have not worn these shoes this winter is when the trails have been icy or when I ran a half marathon distance around my frozen lake. I thought I would be able to run on a frozen lake covered in rough frost, maybe I would have a good enough grip. Unfortunately I stopped somewhere around 8k and changed for a pair of shoes that really gripped the ice. Never try never know!

“Good shoes take you good places.”

For flattish terrain and uphills these shoes are your match. In downhill running they are a no go. Not because it’s Salomon, more that the shoe has a 10mm drop. In downhill running you want to feel connected to the ground and not like you’re running in a pair of high heels. That is why I chose to wear another shoe in last years Transgrancanaria.


Maybe you have a different opinion or experience with the Salomon SpeedCross Pro. I like to have them amongst my training shoes and they do make me feel like a Trail Queen. They are sturdy, reliable and can take most weather conditions. (Read dirt, mud and rain) I will however not wear them on my #roadtoanultra challenge, icy trails or in any serious downhill running.

“The only way to become a trailrunner is to run trails.”

The best thing with Salomon running shoes is they get you outside to enjoy your playground. No matter the weather or the terrain. I’m off for a flat, technical forest trail in mud and snow. See you when I get back.


Thank you Salomon!

“Own the trails with a pair of Salomon.”


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