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Imagine yourself; being content, feeling active and capable of managing obstacles thrown your way. Your mojo is ignited, you feel alive and you’re able to feel joy – even in the grey showers. Everything you do is fuelled by passion and with the confidence you can do it! You embark on the journeys you want and the challenges you choose. My coaching program is designed to ignite your transformation in a life changing process and help you gain courage to embark on any journey or challenge. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable way of keeping physically fit, mentally active and full of positive energy that fuels action in line with your vision of life.  

What is your everyday? How would you like it to be?

Dare setting goals and believe they can be reached.


“Have goals so big you feel uncomfortable telling them…”


GOAL 2016 – to complete an ultra distance. Not necessarily in a race and maybe on my own. My longest run is 47k. I would like to pull off a 80k and surprise myself committing to 100k. Preferably Ocean Trails. Key is not to lose the joy as I work towards this goal.


GOAL 2017 – to complete an ironman. Living 13 yrs years in Lanzarote and watching the annual Ironman, it always intrigued and amazed me how it can be possible to complete such a huge challenge. Although I am not a triathlete and have no triathlon background I find plenty of inspiration in this event.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.”

How you live your every day is how you live your life

Since 2013 I have packaged my own journey into “Simplify The Get Going”. I had no idea getting back to an active life would be through simplifying and trail running. As with any journey you are faced with obstacles. Turning obstacles into opportunities has been challenging and rewarding – physically and mentally. The journey continues and I am staying committed to passing it on. When will you start yours?

Active and outdoors is where it’s at.

Welcome to this page. Big hug!

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