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“How you live your everyday is how you live your life.”

Ignite motivation, discover your inner strength and use your full potential to improve, no matter goals.


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Motivation Inspiration

by Sarah Eriksson

Let me share my energy with you!

My work is specially designed to ignite your spark and motivation to help you gain courage to embark and navigate through any journey or challenge. Physical and mindful are your powerful tools, positive mindset is your vehicle.


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Positive development & improvement. Ignite motivation, insight and discover your inner strength.

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Improving your life

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and achieve?

Success, Insight, Joy, Growth, Courage
& Self Improvement


Boost your audience!
Let me share my energy.

Want to create an Aha! moment? Inspire your audience or close a conference or event with a memorable and uplifting spirit? It’s time to book an inspiration talk or master class.

Based on my personal story and learnings through life and endurance sports I can adapt and deliver talks to any social or business sector and audience.
Let me ignite your audience in a powerful inspiration talk. Book your speaking engagement today.

Topics for my talks:
Personal and Professional Growth: How You Live Your Everyday Is How You Live Your Life
Setting and Reaching Goals: Making it Happen
Facing Challenges: The Ones We Choose And The Ones We Don’t


Sarah Eriksson

Motivation Inspiration